IU Jokingly Flirts with Kim Chang Wan for “Flower Bookmark” Teaser #2

IU, who is preparing for her comeback, released teaser number two for her upcoming remake album,”Flower Bookmark,” through the official 1theK YouTube channel.

The black and white video starts off with veteran singer Kim Chang Wan jokingly saying, “Who are you to me?” IU laughs loudly and then jokes back, “This is like a confession to you…” Later on she works with singer and songwriter Yoon Sang who praises the recording session by saying, “This is really good, better than I thought it would be.”

“Flower Bookmark” will be IU’s first remake album and will feature songs that IU personally wanted to do. While the younger generation may be familiar with IU and her vocals, she will be singing songs from years ago that older generations will enjoy remembering. IU’s agency promised that the songs will be full of sincerity and bring the whole family together with her music. 

“Flower Bookmark” will be released on May 16, at midnight. 

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