UPDATE: Goo Ja Myung Gets Into Drunk Driving Accident, Will Leave “Our Neighborhood Arts and Physical Education”

Goo Ja Myung, winner of MBC‘s “Star Audition: Birth of a Great Star 2,” has been involved in a car accident while drunk driving.

On May 13, around 5 AM in Goyang, Gyeonggido, Goo Ja Myung crashed his car into the wall of an underground roadway tunnel exit.

It has been reported that he was taken to the emergency room at a nearby hospital after the accident, and did not suffer any major injuries. At the time that the accident occurred, Goo Ja Myung’s blood alcohol level was 0.133, which is high enough to get his driver’s license revoked.

In the midst of all of this, many are wondering if the incident will cause the singer to leave “Our Neighborhood Arts and Physical Education.” It has been said that the issue of Goo Ja Myung’s status for the show is being discussed by producers. A representative of the show revealed, “We are currently trying to figuring out the situation and will make a final decision after the exact details are straightened out.”

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A representative of the show announced that Goo Ja Myung will leave the show “Our Neighborhood Arts and Physical Education. The representative told Star News, “After a discussion, the staff of the show has decided that Goo Ja Myung will leave the show. He will be edited out of the show that airs tonight, with a last minute editing. “