Bae Doo Na and Song Sae Byuk Bring on the Intensity for Vogue

A Girl Next Door” costars Bae Doo Na and Seong Sae Byuk shared a photo shoot and interview for Vogue magazine. 

Although the two same aged actors play characters who live in the countryside in the movie, these top actors shone with charisma and intensity for this high fashion photo shoot. In a dark and gritty setting, Bae Doo na and Song Sae Byuk wears dark colors and modern patterns. Bae Doo Na, in particular, looks strikingly different than her plain cop character with her mused short hair and dark red lip stick. Song Sae Byuk looks more like a cool and collected villain with his stylishly long hair than the step-father he plays in the movie. 

For the interview Bae Doo Na and Song Sae Byuk talked about their character’s dimensions and the process in portraying their different characters. 


“A Girl Next Door” plays in Korean theaters on May 22.