Akdong Musician’s Lee Chan Hyuk Still Can’t Write Sheet Music

Akdong Musician‘s (AKMU‘s) Lee Chan Hyuk has composed great songs such as “200%,” “Melted,” and “Give Love,” but it was revealed that the older one of the duo still can’t write sheet music! In a recent interview, the AKMU member commented that even after debuting under YG Entertainment, he still does not know how to write music scores. Then how does he compose all these great songs?

akdong musician from yg ent

When reminded that in the during “Kpop Star 2” he could not write music scores, Lee Chan Hyuk expressed, “I still can’t write it. Usually I compose our songs through the guitar and then I record it. I write the lyrics on my laptop. After entering our agency, it has become easier since there is someone to arrange my music. I don’t even know how to operate the music arranging machine. The person who arranges the music finds the tone and then arranges the song. When that person lets me listen to many different tunes, I say, ‘This one!’ and I am allowed the select the tunes. After constantly working that way, we end up arranging the songs.”

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Despite being unable to write music scores, AKMU have been successful creating great music through the help of their agency’s staff. We hope to hear more great music in the future!

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