JungGiGo is Direct When it Comes to Love?

Although he brought us the hit song “Some” that captured the ambiguous relationship between a guy and girl, JungGiGo revealed that his actual relationship style is direct like his new song “Want U.”

On May 13, the singer was a guest on KBS Cool FM‘s “Lee Sora’s Music Plaza,” and while discussing his new song, JungGiGo also revealed his relationship style. 

When asked “As ‘Want U’ is a love song about someone confessing his feelings directly to someone, is your real relationship style similar?” the singer answered, “It is similar. If I don’t confess, that’s the end of that, but usually I directly tell them ‘I like you.'”

Unlike the relationship he portrayed in his song “Some,” JungGiGo’s straightforward relationship style seemed to match perfectly with his newly released song “Want U.”