miss A’s Suzy Models for MLB in Casual Sporty Fashion

Girl group member Suzy of miss A has revealed a summer photoshoot for MLB, a casual sports brand for which she is currently an exclusive model.

In the pictorial released on May 13, Suzy is seen with a youthful and lively expression, looking very doll-like. Not only does she look lovely, she also gives off an active vibe as she pulls off a variety of looks, dressed in a sporty fashion.

Perfect for a day out on vacation or for a picnic, Suzy is styled in fresh and energetic clothing. The singer successfully takes on numerous distinct looks, including a t-shirt with an artistic design, as well as a dress with a baggy fit, breaking away from the typical feminine silhouette. Drawing out Suzy’s unique charms, this pictorial for MLB displays a free-spirited and relaxed atmosphere.

In other related news, Suzy is planning to throw the first pitch at a Los Angeles Dodgers’ home game at the end of this month.
miss A Suzy