Ji Chang Wook Plans to Reveal Mini Drama “Caffeine” At Japan Fan Meetings

Actor Ji Chang Wook will showcase his new mini drama “Caffeine” at his fan meeting in Japan.

According to a representative from Ji Chang Wook’s agency on May 14, the actor will be revealing the mini drama as a special event for his fans at the fan meetings being held at Tokyo Yomiuri Hall on May 17, as well as Theater Brava! in Osaka on June 7.

“Caffeine” is a romance drama that depicts both the sweet and the bittersweet aspects of love between a couple, using wine and coffee to represent this comparison. Throughout the mini drama, songs from the musical of the same name, “Caffeine,” will play as background music, creating a romantic atmosphere.

In the still cuts released prior to the fan meetings, Ji Chang Wook can be seen staring into the eyes of a beautiful female and having a conversation with actor Hyun Woo.

Also at the fan meeting, the actor is preparing to display his vocal talent by singing one of the main songs from the musical “Caffeine.”

One of the organizers of the fan meetings shared, “Ji Chang Wook is putting his all into preparing a special video and great performance to give back to the fans who will be attending. Even after the completion of MBC’s drama ‘Empress Ki,” he stayed up for three nights without rest to finish filming the mini drama. In order to communicate with and relate to his fans, he has been putting in a lot of effort to have a meaningful time with everyone.”
Ji Chang Wook Caffeine