Eric Nam Gives Three Tips for Acing Interviews

Eric Nam, who was a reporter for MBC’s “Section TV,” gave three tips for doing well on interviews.

Tip #1: Think of the interviewer as a friend. If you think that you’re talking to a friend, you will be more comfortable, and the interviewer will be more comfortable. And that’s how you can strike up a nice little conversation. If you’re comfortable, the interview can be fun!

Tip #2: Find something that you have in common with the interviewer. If you know a lot about the interviewer, conversation will come much easier.

Tip #3: Smile! The interviewer will not dislike you for smiling. And smiling will raise your spirits, as well.

eric nam

eric nam


Eric Nam stepped down from “Section TV” last April in order to focus on his album promotions. While he was a reporter, he was well-known for his witty interviews, and without a doubt, his tips will be of much help.