Kim Yeon Woo Releases “Antidote” MV

Ballad singer Kim Yeon Woo recently released the music video for his ballad “Antidote,” featuring the motif of ink as an antidote. This is the singer’s first comeback in three years, and is his first album through MYSTIC89, which he joined in October of last year.

Yoon Jong Shin penned the music for “Antidote” as a gift to Kim Yeon Woo. The song conveys the story of a man’s desperate love.

Kim Yeon Woo steadily worked on projects during his music hiatus. Some might be familiar with his song “Because It’s You” for the soundtrack of cable drama “Nine.” He also participated in his agency’s Christmas album “MYSTIC Holiday 2013,” and has taken part in the variety programs “I’m A Singer,” “Birth of a Great Star,” and “Cool Kiz on the Block.”

The singer will be joining the May comeback rush with g.o.dBaek Ji Young, and EXO, among others. Fans and music critics are anticipating whether he can protect his title of “ballad king.”