Park Kyung Lim Joins Campaign to Build Schools in Nepal

It’s been a while since we have seen the broadcaster Park Kyung Lim. As it turns out, she’s busy doing charity work and is currently participating in a campaign to build schools in Nepal.

According to the non-government organization (NGO) “Save the Children” which facilitates international development and aid to children in need, Park Kyung Lim lends her talent to the“Khushi Khushi Campaign” which constructs elementary schools and supports education in the poor educational environment in Nepal. “Khushi” means hope in Nepali.

The campaign, which started last month and will be ongoing for two months until June, includes the organization of various fund-raising efforts and the utilization of promotional promotional posters and videos, as well as the donation collection boxes. The proceeds will go to the construction of the Janachetana Elementary School in Lukum, an area located in Nepal’s mid-west, as well as the support of the educational program of the school.

Last April 8, Park Kyung Lim narrated in the promotional video that talks about Nepal’s educational environment . This time around, Park Kyung Lim gets the opportunity to meet the children of Annapurna Elementary School in Bagrung, Nepal.

According to the World Bank and the government of Nepal, 43% of Nepal’s population aged 15 years old and above cannot read and more than 40% of the children discontinue school before they reach Grade 5 in elementary school.

Park Kyung Lim