Eun Ji Won to Return to “1 Night, 2 Days” with a Special Appearance

The one and only “elementary student” Eun Ji Won will be making his return to “1 Night, 2 Days.”

A source in the entertainment industry revealed on May 13 that the singer recently participated in filming “1N2D Season 3,” and continued, “It is impossible to know the exact details about the reason for his appearance or his role, as the producer is keeping everything as a secret. However, he will not be a surprise guest but rather have a meaningful role.”

“The schedule might change depending on the situation, but the episode will air somewhere between late May and early June,” the source concluded.

As a loved member of the first season of “1N2D,” Eun Ji Won’s sudden return to the show has been met with an excited response. This will be his first time appearing on the show after leaving his position in 2012.

In related news, “1N2D” returned to the air on May 11 after being canceled for three weeks due to the tragic Sewol ferry incident.