“Age of Feeling” Actors Still Waiting for Rightful Payments

Actors of KBS 2TV‘s “Age of Feeling” continue to face struggles as their appearance fees have not been paid.

Even though the drama announced in March that the issue of payment has been sorted out, it seems like the solution was a temporary one. A representative of an actor commented on May 14, “Even though the drama has ended, we have yet to receive the payment. Apart from what we received in the beginning, most of the appearance fees have not been paid.”

“The production company lacks money, so we doubt whether we can receive the amount even through legal action. It is simply frustrating that nothing can solve this. We are preparing countermeasures with other actors that have not received their payments,” the representative said, expressing their frustration.

An another source commented, “Our actor is luckily a member of the Korea Broadcasting Actors Union, and the organization is working hard to solve the case. However, the full payment has not been made, and the situation has not been fully solved.”

Last month, the production company promised to make the payments by May 15. While many actors are preparing to take legal action against the firm, it is unclear whether such measures would have realistic and efficient results.