BTS’ Rap Monster Gets Real on Mnet Star Documentary

In the Mnet Star Documentary, “4 Things Show: Outrageous Interview,” aired on May 13, BTS leader Rap Monster bared his honest thoughts about his love for hip-hop and his idol status.

Rap Monster, who has debuted as an idol after working the underground rap scene, says, “It’s still very different from the world I knew. It’s not easy.”

“I always think that I have to keep it real (and continue to do hip-hop) but there are times when I can’t do that. However, it’s nice that I can come up the stage and make even more people listen to my music,” said Rap Monster.

One of the trade-offs of leaving the underground rap scene and choosing to be active as an idol is giving up some of his freedom when he entered the entertainment business. He also has to face some criticism for being a rapper who has become an idol. “There’s a part (to their criticism) that is somehow correct but there is also a part that is biased,” he said.

However, Rap Monster shuns all these and tries his best to achieve his goal. “The truth is, there’s only one reason that I joined BTS. It’s my voice. I want to have my voice heard by as much people as possible.”

In this episode, BTS, who’s preparing for their debut in Japan this coming June, is seen recording with popular Japanese rapper KM-MARKIT.

KM-MARKIT, who has worked with m-flo and Zeebra, said of the BTS leader: “Rap Monster is an idol but he’s a real rapper. He has his own thoughts and opinions and personally writes his lyrics. He personally expresses them. That’s hip-hop.”

The “4 Things Show: Outrageous Interview” is a documentary show that aims to show the true personality of the star by presenting the views of the artist himself and three of his friends or acquaintances.

In the May 13 episode, the hip-hop crew Dae Nam Hyup that Rap Monster worked with in the underground scene, the BTS’ members, and producer Bang Shi Hyuk honestly talked about the Rap Monster that they knew from their time.

BTS Rap Monster

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