B.A.P Attacks New York in Second Episode of “B.A.P ATTACK”

On May 13, B.A.P released the second episode of their online reality show, “B.A.P ATTACK!,” through their official YouTube channel.

In this episode of B.A.P ATTACK, BABYs get a glimpse of how the boys spent their time in the US as they tour the country for their concert, “B.A.P Live on Earth 2014.”

Viewers first see how the boys spent their time inside the plane during their long haul flight from Korea to the US. Daehyun, manning the camera, filmed the members in their seats. Later during the flight, he and Himchan escaped boredom by talking to each other. Himchan also showed the letters that he got from their fans for his birthday.

After they landed in New York, the boys walked around the streets and had a “free day” wherein they got to shop and enjoy themselves.  Youngjae and Daehyun went to SoHo and later, to the Museum of Modern Art while the other members went to do their own stuff. They later met Bang Yongguk and Jongup who went to have a snack at a Japanese snack place. At night, they went to Times Square.

Finally, footage of the boys goofing around the airport as they wait for their delayed flight to LA.

The show’s first episode, which was first uploaded on April 15, was temporarily suspended as respect to the Sewol Ferry tragedy. It is uploaded every Tuesday at the TS Entertainment YouTube channel.