No Min Woo’s Japanese Popularity is Strong Enough to Change a Drama’s Organization

The Chinese drama that No Min Woo is staring will air in Japan first. 

No Min Woo plays a rich son named Yi Tian who is pure and charming in the drama “Falling in Love With You by the Effective Deadline” (literal translation.)

China plans to air this drama on satellite TV. However, due to the heated requests from Japanese fans and No Min Woo’s popularity, Japan’s DATV will air the drama first. No Min Woo is feeling the effects of his high popularity in Japan.

A representative of DATV stated “Normally if a mainland drama is popular, steps will be taken in due order to export it and air it, but No Min Woo’s case is unprecedented. The request to see him as act as soon as possible was hot, and it will air in Japan first despite not airing in China yet. The Japanese fans are giving positive remarks towards No Min Woo’s enthusiastic performance as the male leading actor in a melodrama.”

No Min Woo showed off his drawing skills, wearing a shirt with characters that he drew. Look out for No Min Woo’s clothing in the drama, as it will be an unusual point to focus on.

An agency representative revealed on the behalf of No Min Woo “No Min Woo has already positioned himself as a singer through his album activities and concerts, and he will be stretching himself as an actor through this drama. He is thankful for the hot response in Japan.”