Kim Ok Bin’s Charismatic Tough Girl Look Contrasts Her Elegant Image

Kim Ok Bin defies her elegant image by showing off her tough charms.

After releasing two posters earlier, jTBC revealed still cuts of Kim Ok Bin for the new drama “Yoo Na’s Street.”

In the drama, Kim Ok Bin plays the role of Kang Yoo Na, the daughter of the legendary pickpocket Kang Bok Cheon who now is imprisoned in jail.

Kang Yoo Na is very famous in the pickpocket world, having three prior convictions and belonging to a pickpocket organization. She lives a nice life by working at a cafe after being discharged from prison.

In contrast to her elegant outer appearance, Kang Yoo Na is depraved on the inside and has a rough, straightforward personality, but she ends up falling for Kim Chang Man (Lee Hee Jun) at first sight.

In the released photos, Kim Ok Bin shows off her tough side, but Kang Yoo Na’s womanly charms are displayed as well. When Kang Yoo Na is searching for a pickpocket target, her keen eyes light up with no one able to read her intentions. With that being her mysterious charm, that’s her weapon to steal Lee Hee Jun’s heart.

“Yoo Na’s Street” will air after “Secret Love Affair,” with the first episode airing on May 19. “Yoo Na’s Street” depicts a story about a woman who used to be a pickpocket living with a diverse group of people in a multiplex. After a nice guy like no other enters, Yoo Na’s wounds and pain heal and the cast of characters grow closer to each other.