Megan Lee Makes Her Official Debut with “8dayz” + g.o.d Video Message of Support

The wait is finally over for Megan Lee fans! YouTube star Megan Lee officially made her debut with single “8dayz” on May 15.

The track has a rhythmical sound with a country vibe. The music video accentuates her carefree attitude, reminding the viewers of a gypsy living freely just enjoying the music. Beast‘s Yong Jun Hyung is featured in the Korean version while makes a mini appearance in the English version. “8dayz” is penned by German composer duo Andreas Bartles and Rudger Schramm.

Few of the members of g.o.d cheered on Megan along with Kim Tae Woo in their video messages. Kim Tae Woo shares that he discovered her a few years back on YouTube and have signed her on his label. He reveals that she went through a lot the past two years, and will continue giving her support.

Without further ado, check out her debut music video in both Korean and English and a special message from the g.o.d sunbaes!

| Korean

| English

| Support message by g.o.d members