IU Releases MV Teaser for Upcoming Remake Album “Flower Bookmark” Feat. Kim Wan Sun

With the release of her remake album “Flower Bookmark” one day away, IU has revealed another music video teaser.

Set in an old styled disco room, she gives the DJ a song request, saying that her dancing skills aren’t too bad. The DJ who accepts her request is no other than “Korea’s Madonna,” Kim Wan Sun

Yesterday her track list for the album was revealed, showing remaks of Cho Duk Bae’s “My Old Story,” Kim Gwang Suk‘s “Flower,” Kim Wan Sun‘s “A Clown Laughing at Us,” Lee Mun Se‘s “When My Love,” Sanulrim‘s “Your Meaning,” Kim Hyun Sik‘s “Summer Night Dream,” and Clon’s “Kung Ddari Sha Bah Rah.”

As nearly all of the songs represent different genres, varying from dance and rock to ballads, fans are already anticipating to hear how IU’s version of the songs will turn out.

The album will be released this Friday on May 16, which is also IU’s 21st birthday!