[Update] Kris Hired Hangeng’s Former Law Firm to File Contract Termination from SM

On May 15, Sina, a Chinese media source, reported that EXO-M‘s Kris has asked his agency, SM Entertainment, to terminate his contract.

The report from Sina said, “Kris has filed a lawsuit to end his contract. There have been rumors since a month ago that Kris was going to end his contract. It is surprising and sad that a member will leave the group after two successful first years. His circumstances are similar to former Super Junior member Hangeng.”

In response, a representative from SM Entertainment told OSEN news, “We are currently looking into this situation and we are quite embarrassed. We are putting every effort into making sure EXO‘s activities are going well. 

OSEN has also reported that Kris hired a law firm to represent him in this contract termination. A representative from that firm told OSEN, “It is true that we received a lawsuit for a contract termination today.”

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The Seoul Central District Court has confirmed that Kris filed a contract termination with SM Entertainment on May 15, but the court has yet to process the request. The law firm representing Kris is the same as the one that represented Hangeng back in 2009 when he filed a lawsuit against SM Entertainment. The law firm did not disclose any other details about the case, stating that they wanted to keep this case as private as possible.

It is also being reported that Kris did not fly back to Korea with the rest of his EXO-M members on May 12, after their comeback showcase on May 11. Fans who were waiting for him at the airport were told that Kris stayed in China to spend time with his family. While back then this did not raise any suspicion, now people are wondering if he had been preparing for the lawsuit. 

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