4Men Gives a “Comeback Special Interview” for Fans

4Men members Kim Won Joo and Shin Yong Jae were interviewed for a special LOEN interview series called “CSI: 4Men” or “Comeback Special Interview: 4Men.” 

4Men made their comeback after three years to release their fifth album. In their interview, they discuss how they overcame member changes and various challenges to make their comeback. 

The two members also explained the title of their fifth album, “1998.” According to Shin Yong Jae, the year 1998 was especially memorable for 4Men because it was the year of their debut, and there were many memorable ballads and pop songs that reigned at the time. The two members also revealed their favorite Fin.K.L and S.E.S members. 

The two members had a chance to have a heart-to-heart talk with one another in front of the camera. They addressed difficult yet comical statements such as, “Even when I look at myself, I think I’m good-looking.” In addition, it urns out that Kim Won Joo had previously wanted to be dancer-singer and might have preferred to be in a group like BEAST!

Watch the clip below to find out more!