U-KISS Reveals New Member Jun, AJ to Continue Studying at Columbia

U-KISS has added another member to their lineup. 

On May 15, NH Media revealed two photos of the new member, one profile shot and another with his new group. The agency explained, “A staff member had accidentally shared a photo of the new member with the rest of the group. This new member join group in promotions this June. “


The new member’s name is Jun (pronounced “Joon”) and he was born in 1997. According to his agency, he is 185cm tall (a little over six feet tall) and skilled in singing and dancing. NH Media praised Jun by mentioning that he was talented enough to fill the missing spot that appeared when former member Shin Dong Ho left the group last year. 


NH Media also announced a few days before that member AJ will stay at Columbia University where he is studying, due to difficulties with his schedule, and not participate in the upcoming activities.

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