Rainbow’s Jaekyung Takes an Evening Stroll with Her Dog

Girl group Rainbow’s Jaekyung uploaded a picture of herself with a cute-looking dog on Twitter and wrote “Taking a walk with Haengbok who looks like a chicken.” “Haengbok” means happiness in Korean.

Jaekyung will be appearing in the OCN channel television series “God’s Quiz Season 4” and will be portraying the role of Im Tae Kyung. “God’s Quiz” is a medical and forensic crime investigation drama, the Korean version of the famous TV series CSI. The story centers around a very skilled yet a bit eccentric neurosurgeon, Han Jin Woo (played by Ryu Deok Hwan), and his team of equally skilled forensic doctors who go on to solve mysterious deaths and discover rare new diseases.

The show will air its first episode on May 18.

Kim Jae Kyung image