EXO-K Wins “M!Countdown,” Only Suho Accepts Award

Amid the news of EXO-M leader Kris filing a contract termination with SM, EXO-K won this week’s “M!Countdown” for “Overdose.”

EXO-K went head to head with A Pink and their song, “Mr. Chu.” For the final stage, it was only EXO-K’s leader Suho who came to watch the score and accept the award. For the award speech, Suho started it off as if nothing was different, thanking their fans, his fellow members, and the company, in particular Lee Soo Man (it was Teacher’s Day in Korea). However, he paused and added, “Our motto is ‘We Are One’, and not just me but all of us we will be come a group that thinks this and of our fans.”

You can watch his acceptance speech here:

Other performances from this show include Lunafly, Park Si Hwan, BTL, Akdong Musician, Eddy Kim, A Prince, NS Yoon-G, M.Pire, Junggigo, G.NA, 4Men, and 15&

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