M!Countdown 05.15.14 Performances – Comeback Stages by G.NA, 4MEN, BTL Debut

This week’s show of M!Countdown featured G.NA‘s comeback “Pretty Lingerie” and 4MEN‘s comeback “Erase.” New boy group BTL also had their debut stage with “Too-G”

As previously reported, EXO-K took the win this week with “Overdose.” While the group did perform at the show, only Suho was present for reviving the award. After thanking fans, members and the company, he added “Our motto is ‘We Are One’, and not just me but all of us we will be come a group that thinks this and of our fans.”

Check out the performances below!

EXO-K – “Overdose”

G.NA – “Secret (Pretty Lingerie)”

A Pink – “Mr. Chu”

JungGiGo – “Want U”

4Men – “Erase”

BTL – “Too-G”

Lunafly – “Special Guy”

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