KBS Asks 4Men to Make Edits to “Erase” Video

Broadcast network KBS has asked that a section of 4Men’s music video for the song “Erase” be replaced before it can be aired. Representatives from the channel told the group’s entertainment company that sections of the video, which shows the group playing with an inflatable device on a railway track, meant that the video was unfit for broadcast.

The portions in question are a total of five seconds long, but the network appears to have been concerned that theymight encourage young people to indulge in reckless behavior. As the song currently sits atop a major music chart, it seems KBS is keen to air the video, so long as the offending portions are replaced.

“Erase” is the lead single from groups latest studio album, “1988,” and is the act’s first release as a duo, following the departure of former member Kim Young Jae.

Check out the full video below.