Fashion Magazine W Releases Park Ji Yoon’s Lacoste Pictures

Photos of singer Park Ji Yoon have been released by fashion magazine W. The star, who had a hit with the song “Beep” earlier this year, was pictured modeling a selection of casual and sporty clothes for brand Lacoste.

Park Ji Yoon 1

The singer is pictured in a range of clothes from Lacoste’s Spring-Summer 2014 collection, including a denim jumpsuit, a range of handbags and a white blouse, items the fashion brand hopes will sell well as the hot summer months approach in Korea.

Park Ji Yoon 2

Park Ji Yoon released her debut album in 1997, and has been a regular on the K-pop scene ever since. The single “Mr Lee,” featuring San E, was a big hit last year. She is also an actress, and has appeared on television on several occasions, including as part of the cast of recent KBS dramas, “Family” and “Pretty Man.”

Park Ji Yoon 3

Fans will be able to see the full photo spread in the June edition of W magazine.

Park Ji Yoon F