Lee Hyun Woo Gives Heartwarming Gifts to “The Technicians” Staff

Actor Lee Hyun Woo has gifted the hardworking staff of “The Technicians” with comfortable jumpers.

The movie went into filming stages in March, and the actors and the staff alike have been busy filming under a tight schedule.

As the temperatures change drastically throughout the day, Lee Hyun Woo expressed his concern over the staff’s health, and decided to gift everyone with a warm jumper by fashion brand Union Bay, which he is currently advertising. 

A representative of the film revealed, “Lee Hyun Woo, who lights up the set with his outstanding positive energy, has touched the staff’s hearts with his caring actions,” and added that the staff has been encouraged to work harder thanks to the young actor’s considerate gesture.

“The Technicians” follows the thrilling lives of skillful criminals. The film starring Lee Hyun Woo, Kim Woo Bin, and Jo Yoon Hee will premiere during the second half of the year.