EXO’s First Live Broadcast of “Hottest Moment XOXO” Canceled

EXO’s live broadcast of their reality show “Hottest Moment XOXO,” in light of the current situation concerning EXO-M member Kris, has been canceled. It will be replaced with a broadcast of EXO’s first Japan fan event, “EXO Greeting Party in Japan, Hello.

Kris, currently in China, recently filed a lawsuit to terminate his exclusive contract with SM Entertainment.

(See: [Update] Kris Hired Hangeng’s Former Law Firm to File Contract Termination from SM and Reports Claim SM Violated EXO-M Kris’ Basic Civil Rights)

The reality show is not completely canceled, however, and will be back with the second episode. The second episode of “Hottest Moment XOXO” will take viewers behind the scenes of the fan event, as well as show EXO backstage. Sehun’s birthday party festivities will also featured on the show.

It remains to be seen whether portions of the show with Kris will be shown on the reality show.