Hyosung’s MelOn Premiere Showcase Video Released

Entertainment agency 1theK has uploaded a video of Secret star Hyosung’s MelOn Premiere Showcase. The video is almost nine minutes long and features a performance of the solo debut song, “Good Night Kiss,” as well as an interview held in front of a studio audience.

In the interview, Hyosung explains how she dealt with the different dynamic involved in recording the song. She also mentions the challenges that came with perfecting the choreography without the other members of Secret around her. “It was a bit difficult and sometimes a little lonely at first,” she says. “But I think it has helped me grow a lot.”

Hyosung also tells the audience how she insisted on having input into all aspects of her first solo project. “I wanted to have some kind of a role, no matter how small, in everything. That included song selection, the music video and even the cover photo,” she says.

The album “Top Secret” was released earlier this month.

Check out the full video below.