g.o.d Sells Out All 30,000 Seats for 15th Anniversary Concert

Enthusiastic fans caused servers to crash as they fought for the tickets to legendary male group g.o.d‘s 15th anniversary concert.

On May 16 at 2pm, the tickets went on sale through major online stores Interpark, Yes24, and Auction Ticket. However, the site managers faced an unexpected problem as the servers could not handle the huge number of clicks and page loads caused by thousands of fans entering the sites. All 30,000 seats were sold out in minutes.

The concert has been the center of attention on many SNS sites as well, and was the most searched event that day. Even though the tickets are now all sold out, the demand has stayed high and fans have continued to hunt for tickets by turning to private sellers.

As the concert celebrates the 15th anniversary of g.o.d, the group’s loyal fans are all hoping to attend the show and see the five members on stage together for the first time in 12 years. The two concerts will be held from July 12 to 13 at Jamsil Sports Complex.