Phantom Releases Preview for Upcoming First Album “Phantom Power”

Hip-hop group Phantom has revealed an audio preview of their upcoming album “Phantom Power” on YouTube.

Set for release on May 19, their first full length album features 11 tracks. Their title track “Seoul Lonely” features the vocals of Brown Eyed Girls’ Gain while the music video features AOA’s Hyejong. A teaser for the music video was released yesterday. Guest artists featured on other tracks include San E, Verbal Jint, and Navi.

On talking about the album, leader Kiggen wrote, “The album includes the colorful tracks that we revealed last year, as well as easy-to-listen songs that we made together this year. It also includes our free-spirited solo tracks and other crazy tracks that we finally added, not to forget the album design and photos. The album is filled with value, so pre-order it, and reply 0521.”