Seo Taiji Signs with Concert Planner, Possible Comeback in October

Legendary musician Seo Taiji has been slowly getting ready for his much awaited comeback. He has chosen Well Made Yedang as his event agency. 

An insider announced on May 16 that the “contract for Seo Taiji’s solo concert has been decided” and that “over 10 agencies tried to claim this project but Well Made Yedang was the final winner.”

This insider also added that “there might be changes, but according to Well Made Yedang’s proposal, his concert is in October. It is only natural to have an album released near the concert date.” If Seo Taiji releases an album in October, it will be the first in five years since his eigth album in 2009.

Seo Taiji has previously wrote on his official website that he will try to release his ninth album in 2014.