Jiyeon Releases Cute Jacket Images Three Days before Comeback

T-ara’s Jiyeon, with her solo comeback getting closer and closer by the day, has released the jacket teaser images for her new release.

 In the jacket photos released on May 17, Jiyeon sports not a sexy look as she has done previously, but a cute and innocent ballerina look. 

With three days left before the release of her first mini album, Jiyeon is currently in the final stages of preparation. She said, “As the comeback gets closer, I’m getting really nervous, but on one hand I can’t wait to get back on stage. Hearing that I perform well would be nice, but what I really want to hear is that I must have worked really hard and prepared a lot.”

Jiyeon’s title track “Never Ever” is a piece by the hit-making producer team Duble Sidekick, and is about a woman who will never give up on the man she loves.

It’s coming soon!