Hwayoung Shows Off Her Healthy Figure in Sporty Pictorial for Grazia

Former T-ara member Hwayoung is receiving attention after the release of a pictorial emphasizing her healthy figure.

On May 15, fashion magazine Grazia’s May issue revealed Hwayoung’s refreshing transformation for a youthful and lovely photo shoot.

In the pictorial, Hwayoung is seen in pastel colors, as well as a variety of 2014’s spring fashion trends – chiffon and lace. There is also a sporty element to the photo shoot as she poses with an exercise ball, jump rope, and other gym equipment.

Hwayoung is able to pull off crop tops, shorts, a see-through chiffon skirt, and many other different styles, looking very much like a lovely ballerina.

A representative from the photo shoot shared, “It was surprising to see Hwayoung not only pull off the outfits, but also utilize the gym equipment and props to show various poses. Just like the images in the pictorial, she stole the hearts of male staff members with her lovely personality. We are looking forward to what other images Hwayoung will show in the future.”

Hwayoung is currently starting a new path as an actress and she is working hard to prepare for upcoming acting projects.

Check out the pictures from the Grazia photo shoot below!