Fans Celebrate Taeyang’s Birthday by Donating 5.18M Won to The May 18 Memorial Foundation Under His Name

Fans of BIGBANG’s Taeyang gave a donation to The May 18 Memorial Foundation in honor of the singer’s birthday.

According to The May 18 Memorial Foundation on May 17, members of Taeyang’s fan site “You Are the Sun, I Am the Moon” delivered a donation of 5.18 million won (~$5,180 USD) on May 15.

It has been said that fans wanted to donate under Taeyang’s name as a gift to honor his upcoming birthday on May 18.

The singer also recently left a message to fans on his personal Twitter, “Because I already have so much, I hope you understand my heart of wanting the fans to give to those who need it more…I am thankful for the love I receive and I will repay you with good music.”

As Taeyang’s birthday falls on an important day in Korean history known as ‘The May 18 Gwangju Democratic Uprising,’ he has reminded fans in the past to honor and pay respect to the lives that were lost on that meaningful day. It appears that fans have kept this in mind as they honored his wishes and donated generously to The May 18 Memorial Foundation.

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