Sung Si Kyung Shares a Story About How IU Chose Him Over Nichkhun on “Witch Hunt”

On the May 16 broadcast of JTBC’s “Witch Hunt,” one of the MCs, Sung Si Kyung, talked about IU’s good sense of judgment.

During the show, Sung Si Kyung introduced the episode’s special guest, Kikwang of BEAST. Throughout the show, the MCs made many attempts to try to get Kikwang to spill about his past dating history by asking questions in an indirect manner.

In the midst of their discussion, Sung Si Kyung shared a story. He began, “[Out of all singers] IU is very smart,” bringing up IU’s name into the conversation. He continued, “When IU was a rookie, she came to one of my concerts, and Nichkhun [2PM] was also there. I asked IU if she liked Nichkhun or if she liked me. IU answered that she liked me. And that’s when she said ‘I don’t like good looking men,’ catching me by surprise.”

Sung Si Kyung added on, “I looked at the fans’ faces and they didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. IU is very smart,” causing laughter on the set with an unexpected ending to the story.

You can catch an episode of “Witch Hunt” every Friday night on JTBC .