Get a Sneak Peek of the Making for Infinite’s “Last Romeo” Music Video!

Infinite is soon to return, and while fans wait for the group’s comeback, they can enjoy a special video that previews the new music video! On May 17, Woolim Entertainment uploaded a brief one minute video titled “Ready to Comeback ‘Last Romeo’” that showed previews of the music video making for Infinite’s comeback song “Last Romeo.” Although merely a one minute clip, the preview was jam packed with behind the scenes clips that showed the members’ personalities on and off stage. From practicing dance routines to the filming the actual scenes, Infinite members were seen placing great efforts in their preparations in order to make the perfect comeback.

So what can fans expect from the upcoming “Last Romeo” music video? From the short preview, fans can anticipate action and stunt scenes as well as Infinite’s signature choreography. Infinite will be making their comeback after 10 months with the release of their album on May 21. Check out the preview clip below!