U-KISS’ Hoon Takes First Place on “Let’s Go! Dream Team”

U-KISS member Hoon took the final win on “Dream Team,” showing the rise of a new ‘athletic idol.’

On the May 18 broadcast of KBS 2TV’s “Let’s Go! Dream Team 2,” Hoon took the challenge to try the ‘Great White Shark Game’ and won first place against all of the other contestants.

During the game, Hoon was able to accomplish all of the tasks on time, before the mouth of the Great White Shark closed. He practiced his start multiple times before finally pushing the buzzer, showing that he put all of his effort into the challenge. His successful and quick finish took the rest of the “Dream Team” contestants by surprise.

You can watch Hoon’s win for yourself on the May 18 episode of “Let’s Go! Dream Team,” which airs every Sunday on KBS 2TV.