Lyn Opens up about Her Upcoming Marriage to MC the Max’s Lee Soo

Solo singer Lyn briefly shared her thoughts about her upcoming marriage. On May 17, the singer held her solo concert “Home,” and had a chance to open up to her fans about her relationship and upcoming wedding with MC the Max‘s Lee Soo. During the middle of her concert Lyn expressed, “Today my mom, sister, and boyfriend came to my concert. My boyfriend sings well and is also very considerate. A lot of people think that I like him more, but he can’t live without me. These days I can’t help but wonder if I am allowed to be this happy. I believe that I was able to find happiness after passing different levels of difficulty.”

Lyn and Lee Soo plan to wed on September 19 after dating for three years. We hope that the two singers will continue to express their happiness through their music!