BTOB’s Minhyuk Bends Backward For Salut Salon On Star King

On the May 17 broadcast of the arts program “Star King,” BTOB’s Minhyuk played piano while lying down, amazing those around him.

The main guests for the same episode were the comic female quartet “Salut Salon.” The four German women, who have been performing together for over a decade and are known for performances that mix classical music with comedy, has become a worldwide sensation, receiving over 420,000 mentions on social networking sites.

MC Kang Ho Dong, who saw Salut Salon play the piano while lying down and facing backwards, invited Minhyuk to duplicate the feat. Naturally, he accepted the challenge, showing off his bodily flexibility to the crowd. He lay down and then began to play the children’s song “Airplane.” While he wasn’t quite as skilled as Salut Salon, his performance was an effort worthy of their applause.

Watch Salut Salon below:

Watch Minhyuk below: