Fly to the Sky’s Hwanhee Addresses Rumor About His Relationship With Brian

Fly to the Sky recently addressed hilarious rumors about their supposed breakup as a couple instead of a duo. 

On May 18, MBC’s “Section TV Entertainmen News” interviewed Fly to the Sky, who had reunited and made their comeback with their ninth album as of recently. 

On that day, Hwanhee stated, “While we were doing our individual activities, we often discussed the possibility of releasing a special album as Fly to the Sky. But instead of that, there were rumors of our breakup.” 

He continued, “There were plenty of rumors circulating back then, but among them there was even the rumor that Brian and I had dated and broken up.” He then responded jokingly in a heated fashion saying, “I like women!” causing everyone to laugh. 

In related news, Fly to the Sky will be opening their concert “Continuum” on June 6 – 8 in celebration of their 15th anniversary since their debut at the Blue Square Samsung Card Hall.