2PM’s Chansung Writes a Meaningful Tweet for the Anniversary of the Gwangju Uprising

On the anniversary of the Gwangju Massacre, 2PM‘s Hwang Chansung wrote the following meaningful comment on his Twitter: “Today is May 18th..! Once again, let’s think about the sacrifices made by our ancestors who participated in the uprising.”

Last year as well, Chansung commemorated the pro-democracy movement by tweeting “33 years ago and today we cry out for democracy and give thanks to the thousands who suffered on our behalves. I can’t imagine what it was like during that time, but if we can learn and hold upright values today, then the meaning of their sacrifice will not go to waste.” Additionally, he wrote “These days freedom of expression is a common thing. We have freedom of expression in a real sense. However I’m not sure if it’s appropriate to defend the right for people to say things that hurt others, or to distort history.”

2PM was originally scheduled for a comeback in April, but delayed the release of their new album due to the Sewol ferry disaster. JYP Entertainment recently announced that the group’s comeback is even further delayed.

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