2PM Sees Themselves Through the HOTTEST’s Eyes

Five of the members of 2PM–minus Taecyeon who was busy filming–found out how their beloved fans, HOTTEST, think of them in the fourth episode of “Real 2PM.

In “2PM Ranking,” where fans ranked the top three members depending on a topic, the boys had a lot of fun guessing who among them made the list.

Some of the topics included “member with the worst sleeping habit,” “member who smells best,” and “member who’s most skilled in financial planning,” among others.

While the boys agreed with some of the rankings that the fans made, they had to clarify and explain themselves regarding some of the opinions of the fans.

Chansung, who was ranked number one among the members to have the worst sleeping habits defended himself saying that his sleeping habits were often showed in broadcast programs and that could’ve affected the fans’ perception of him.

Jun. K, who ranked first in the “member who drives best” list, was curious how he got the top spot and how he could have been the “best driver” among the group members. He checked out the back panel that explains the answer and found out that fans thought he drove very well based on an episode of a program where he taught some girl group member how to drive.

This episode showed how the perception of 2PM and their beloved HOTTEST fans are different and similar at some points.

Check out the rest of the clip in this video. Don’t forget to turn on the closed caption option!

Do you agree with the rankings?