Jellyfish Entertainment to Take Legal Action Over VIXX’s Teaser Leak

In the midst of idol group VIXX’s preparations for a comeback at the end of May, their new album teaser image and audio were leaked.

On May 19, VIXX’s agency, Jellyfish Entertainment, revealed the group’s comeback timer teaser image through their official website. However, at the same time, posts titled “VIXX Comeback Teaser Image” and “VIXX 1-Minute Audio Teaser” were uploaded onto various online community sites, leaking their new concept image and audio file.

The group’s agency is currently taking measures to stop the posting of the image and audio teaser, but it has already spread throughout Youtube and other SNS.

Jellyfish Entertainment stated, “We are trying to determine how to delete the leaked images and videos as well as identify the source of the illegal leak. We plan to request a legal investigation into the situation and firmly demand strict liability from the perpetrator.”