Fans of Teen Top’s Niel Give Him a Meaningful Gift for Coming of Age Day

Teen Top member Niel received a meaningful gift from fans in honor of “Coming of Age” Day.

On May 19, Niel’s fans wanted to make his Coming of Age Day memorable and worthwhile, so they came together to donate in order to build a well for a school in Cambodia, in the singer’s name.

 Through this well that was donated under Niel’s name, a Cambodian school of over 400 elementary school students will now be able to have clean water to drink.

This is not the first time that Niel’s fans have built a well for him. On August 16 of last year, fans donated to build their first well in Cambodia, in celebration of the singer’s birthday. In addition to donating wells, Niel’s fans have consistently participated in volunteer work within Korea, as well as donated to foreign countries.

In other related news, Niel is currently in India, filming for SBS’ “Law of the Jungle.” 

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