“The KARA Project” Reveals Seventh and Final Contestant Yu Ji

The seventh and final contestant on KARA‘s upcoming reality show has be revealed to be Yu Ji.

Rounding up the members of Baby KARA, Yu Ji can be seen gracefully succeeding a split in a new teaser unveiled today. Yu Ji is the last contestant of “The KARA Project,” and will be battling against SojinShi Yoon,YoungjiChae Kyung. Somin, and Chae Won for one of the two spots to join girl group KARA. 

Yu Ji may look familiar to some, as it was revealed that she had once partaken in “K-Pop Star 2” as a part of group YouU. Although she was officially eliminated from the show in Round 2 of Top 10, it’s great to see that she will receive another chance to pursue her dream. 

“The KARA Project” will begin its six-episode run on May 27 at 6PM. Now that all of the members have been revealed, which one is your favorite?