Urban Zakapa Begins Summer Early with Refreshing New Single and Music Video for “Like a Bird”

Three-member vocal group, Urban Zakapa, has revealed a brand new single, as well as their music video!

At noon on May 19, Urban Zakapa released a new song titled “Like a Bird,” on various online music sites, along with the music video for the song.

Because it is a song that welcomes early summer, “Like a Bird” is not a heavily concentrated ballad song. Instead, it is a light and airy song that gives off a feeling of warm sunlight combined with a fresh breeze that allows listeners to escape the worries of everyday life and experience the excitement of traveling freely.

Much like Urban Zakapa’s previous music style, “Like a Bird” is able to give listeners a feeling of contrasting warmth and calmness, with a refreshing coolness, all in one song.

Also, stay tuned as Urban Zakapa is currently preparing to release an EP at the beginning of June.

Take a listen and watch the music video below!