VIXX’s “ETERNITY” Individual Teaser Photos Released

Boy band VIXX has released individual teaser images ahead of their much-anticipated comeback. Their new single, entitled “ETERNITY,” is set for a release on May 27. The pictures were uploaded to the group’s official website, where a mysterious, damaged clock ticks anticlockwise in an intriguing countdown to the release date. The photos were also uploaded to the group’s Facebook page, where they immediately garnered thousands of likes, comments and shares from fans who have been eagerly anticipating the group’s return.

The group enjoyed a busy 2013, releasing a series of hit songs, such as “G.R.8.U” and “Voodoo Doll,” as well as their first studio album, “Voodoo,” and fans are hoping for an equally high output this year. The new images hint at a return to the dark, brooding look VIXX fostered for releases such as “Hyde,” as the members pose unsmiling in front of the huge clock that has featured prominently on teaser images for the new single.

Check out the photos below, and drop by the group’s website to keep an eye on the countdown to the single’s launch.