Jung Joon Young and Younha Join Forces for a Rock Duet

Singers Jung Joon Young and Younha will be joining forces for a duet. Just nine days prior to the release of their new collaboration on May 29, the duo released a teaser image showing the two singers against a background of goofy booth photo strips that they took together. Jung Joon Young, who is a whopping 30cm (approx. 12 in.) taller than Younha, is standing with a wide stance to lower his height a bit for the petite vocal powerhouse in the adorable photo.

Their new track is a rock song, a genre loved by both singers, and features the warm lyrics and harmony of Younha and Jung Joon Young.

The two singers have been friends for a long time, and had often talked of working on a duet project together. Finally, after the decision to do a collaboration and three months in the recording studio together, they will be releasing their duet soon, on May 29.

[Update] The duo just released a video teaser on May 23, putting their close friendship on display. 

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