NS Yoon-G Makes Music Video Cover of Sistar’s “Give It to Me”

Mobile operators U+ have apparently teamed up with singer NS Yoon-G and comedian Defconn to make a music video. In the video, NS Yoon-G covers the SISTAR hit “Give It to Me,” originally released in June last year.

The video is a playful spoof that involves some of the themes used in the SISTAR version of the song. It tells the story of a hapless man, played by Defconn, who struggles to watch a steamy NS Yoon-G video on his mobile phone, which eventually becomes damaged. Fortunately, the singer appears to magically save the day.

Although no official news has been released by the mobile operators, the video appears to be part of a promotion for the company’s LTE U+ 8 service.

What do you think of NS Yoon-G’s version of “Give It To Me?” Do you prefer it to SISTAR’s effort? Check out the original below and let us know your thoughts!